Wine bottle gnomes

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Gnome bottle stopper. Gnome bottle stopper styled with a Nordic design hat. Available in 4 assorted designs.
Sports bottle topper gnomes are custom made. If we don't have your favorite team then please message us to custom order one.
Raglan gnome bottle topper with sweater hat. Wood nose with white rag beard 3"x16"
Santa Sleepy bottle cover, choose from stripe or dots. Makes a great holiday gift when placed on the top of their favorite bottle.
Gnome 18" Bottle Topper. Just add their favorite wine or spirits and they'll love their Christmas gift.
A wooden box sign and cork holder lending distressed "This Home Runs On Love, Laughter And Bottles Of Really Good Wine / I Just Rescued Some Wine - It Was Trapped In A Bottle!" side panel sentiments with glass casing and top opening to drop a collection o
$19.50 $15.00
Adorable Valentine's Day wine bottle gnomes. Handmade with TLC. These wine bottle gnomes make a great extension to a bottle of wine or a bottle of booze. Just top the bottle with an adorable gnome and you have the perfect gift.
Our Handmade Christmas wine bottle gnomes make a fantastic gift when paired with their favorite wine. If you're looking for a unique gift that they'll love, then look no further.
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